Sitting by my window.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I snore....?

Hi cat-friends,

Mom says.. I snore. I didn´t know that.
She even says that when I snore it sounds like I´m wheezing or I have asthma.
She also told me that when I´m wheezing/snoring is so loud you can me across the room.


sleeping on favorite chair

Vote for mez of

Hi meowryone,
Momma entered me in Cat of the Month Contest. Please vote for me I'd love to LoveMeow's Cat of the Month.

Here's where you canz vote


Friday, September 24, 2010

New sleepin' spot

I am excited to tell everyone that I found a new sleeping spot in the bedroom. My new sleeping spot in the closet! Yes, I love to sleep in the closet. There's so much stuff in the closet that I like to lay on, like shoes and pictures.
It's nice and dark and cozy in the closet and I love dark and cozy places. Dark and cozy spots are my favorite places to snooze.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm been naughty

I've really naughty the last 2 days, How come? Well I'll explain..
Momma likes to go work on jiggysaw puzzles down the hall from home. When Momma leaves, Grandma props open the door with a suitcase, or puts up the baby/kitty gate. Well I wanted to be by momma so I decided to leap over the suitcase, so Grandma then put up the baby/kitty gate instead of the suitcase, and I leaped over that!

So now I'm grounded... I haven't been taken out on any walk since yesterday morning.
I'm so sad..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our neighborz

Every night when I go out wandering with mom in the hallways, sometime I see some of our new neighbors.
I watch them very closely.. and I seez where there going.
Sometimes I sniff out our neighbors apartments, Momma thinks I'm familizing myself with their smells.

There'z two neighbors I really likez their names are Sherry and Charlene. Charlene has a big old kitty kat named Starsha.
I like Sherry too, cuz I likez to peekz my fuzzy face in her doorway then she says to mez "What are you doing?" and she sayz it in a gentle way.

Mez likes Sherry and Charlene!