Sitting by my window.

Monday, October 25, 2010

"Cat of the Month" Contest

Guess what!
Momma entered me in the Cat of the Month Contest on
Pleaze vote for me!

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Luvz you all!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Naptime & Snacktime (a poem by Sonny)

Naptime & Snacktime (a poem by Sonny)

Mmmm I loove snacktime & naptime!
The best snaxs are tuna and liver,
Naptime is best right after snaxtime!
I even snorre during naptime.. I like naps under blankets, in the closet or on my napping box.
Snaxtime and naptime are the best


Friday, October 15, 2010

the "Giggle factor"

Hi kitty-pals,

When I stare at momma too long, she starts giggling!
Or whenever I do something funny, which is alot..
she giggles..

Me guesses.. that momma is easily amused or likes to be happy. my middle name.

Hey cat-friends,

Sometimes I want to cauze some mischief..but I am not naughty all the time, only on occasionz.
I like to pull all of mommy´s socks out of her sock drawer, or pull all her pjs out pj-drawer...sometimes i evenz pull all her undies out of her undie-drawer. I also like to dig in the landry basket when it's full with clothez.
Mommy getz upset tho, when I iz bad. then I feelz bad.

Last year at Christmaz, whilez grandma and mommy were sleeping I was playing wiz an ordament on mommyz tree, then it fell. Boy, did I get a scolding, fromz grandma and mommy!

... I felt so bad..

Friday, October 1, 2010

I met Stasha!

A few nights ago I finally met Stasha! She's a nice tabby kitty cat, I didnt go in "attack mode" and neither did she. When Momma took me downstairs to meet Stasha I was so excited.
When we gotz downstairs Momma set me down, and Charlene, Momma and Grammie watched to see what would happen.

At first I puffed up my furr to look real big, but I didn't bite or hiss at Stasha. She sniffed me, I sniffed her, but then we just sat but I didn't sit next to her.
 Momma was so surprised that I behaved so well. But later on that night, I think the excitement of meeting a new kitty got to me, because I threwz up. I was either the excitment or too many treats....

Me thinkz I ate too many treatz.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I snore....?

Hi cat-friends,

Mom says.. I snore. I didn´t know that.
She even says that when I snore it sounds like I´m wheezing or I have asthma.
She also told me that when I´m wheezing/snoring is so loud you can me across the room.


sleeping on favorite chair

Vote for mez of

Hi meowryone,
Momma entered me in Cat of the Month Contest. Please vote for me I'd love to LoveMeow's Cat of the Month.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

New sleepin' spot

I am excited to tell everyone that I found a new sleeping spot in the bedroom. My new sleeping spot in the closet! Yes, I love to sleep in the closet. There's so much stuff in the closet that I like to lay on, like shoes and pictures.
It's nice and dark and cozy in the closet and I love dark and cozy places. Dark and cozy spots are my favorite places to snooze.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm been naughty

I've really naughty the last 2 days, How come? Well I'll explain..
Momma likes to go work on jiggysaw puzzles down the hall from home. When Momma leaves, Grandma props open the door with a suitcase, or puts up the baby/kitty gate. Well I wanted to be by momma so I decided to leap over the suitcase, so Grandma then put up the baby/kitty gate instead of the suitcase, and I leaped over that!

So now I'm grounded... I haven't been taken out on any walk since yesterday morning.
I'm so sad..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our neighborz

Every night when I go out wandering with mom in the hallways, sometime I see some of our new neighbors.
I watch them very closely.. and I seez where there going.
Sometimes I sniff out our neighbors apartments, Momma thinks I'm familizing myself with their smells.

There'z two neighbors I really likez their names are Sherry and Charlene. Charlene has a big old kitty kat named Starsha.
I like Sherry too, cuz I likez to peekz my fuzzy face in her doorway then she says to mez "What are you doing?" and she sayz it in a gentle way.

Mez likes Sherry and Charlene!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pleease vote for mez!

Hi everyone,

Momma entered me in the Cat of the Month Contest on
Pleaase vote for me!
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Thank youz!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I saw a kitty!

Hi Kitty pals,
I saw a kitty last night on a leash, being taken for a walk last night. Just like momma put my harness and leash on and takes me out for walks, she only does that when I go for a walk outside.
I heard Momma call her name a few times, she said her name is Satsha. Momma also told me that Satsha and Satsha's owner lives downstairs right below where we live! Momma even said that I could meet her sometime soon!

Then, a few hours later, I saw that tortieshell kitty that I saw the other night! This time she saw me and stopped dead in her tracks! I was meowing at her but I dont know if she was meowing back.

Today momma clipped my nails, good thing too I was in desperate need of nail-clipping. My back nails were real I feel much better!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mez all settled

Momma, and I are all settled and I'm so happy too. I'm even getting acquainted with all our neighbors here.
In fact something really interesting happened the night before last. I saw a stray cat, she was a beautiful tortoiseshell!
I was so happy to see a stray kitty, I haven't seen one in quite a while. I spent the longest time just talking to the tortie. Momma was watching me talk to the tortie, so could tell I was happy.

Every night Momma takes me for walks in the hallways, I love taking walks, I even where we're going to go! We go to this giant room with lots of big windows that reach up to the sky!! I love scooting across the carpeting like I'm scratching my back. The good thing is if I hear something that spooks me, like a voice I don't know yet. I can run back to the apartment, I know my way back! Momma thinks I'm soo smart, and I guess I am!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

My "Cat of the Week" Interview

Hello kitty-friends on the week of May 3, 2010 - May 10, 2010 I was Cat of the Week on Here's my interview;

Question #1) Congratulations, Sonny, on becoming Cat of the Week! What would you like to say to all your UnitedCats buddies?

Thank you everyone for support, love and votes. It's such an honor and a privilage to be COTW. My mom was so happy and proud when she heard the news.

Question #2) Congratulations also for making it to the finals of a Cat of the Month contest! Do you know the results of that contest?
Thank you again. Yes I know the results of the contest. Sadly, I didnt make the Top 7 of the Cat of the Month Contest.

Question #3) You were a stray who was adopted from a Humane Society shelter by your Mom. How old were you then and what was your condition when you arrived at the shelter?

I was 11 months old and Mom doesnt know what condition I was in when I came to the Wisconsin Humane Society.

Question #4) It's wonderful that your Mom volunteers socializing shelter cats before they're adopted. Do you mind when she comes home and you can smell many different cats on her?

No I don't mind all if she plays with other kittys, because I know deep inside that she's helping kittys like me find their furr-ever homes. Yes I can smell all the kitty she played with. I like smelling all the kittys on her pants

Question #5) Just a short time ago you went out on a leash. Were you co-operative walking with your Mom and what did you enjoy about your trip to the great outdoors?

Yes I was very cooperative. I love's every part of my adventure especially saying hello to "Walter" our next door neighbor's dog. I love walking in the walking in the grass and sniffing everything!

Question #6) There was a strange "evil" black cat coming into your yard. Does he still come (and are you worried that he could be Basement Cat visiting from Lolcats)?

No, I haven't seen the "evil" black cat in long while. Which is too bad I like showing I'm a tough guy! Don't worry though I wouldnt hurt a ant, maybe a spider but not an ant.

Question #7) In your profile and blogs you've mentioned "friend". Would you like to have another cat join the family or would you prefer just to have a playmate who doesn't live with you?

It would be nice to find to kitty friend. But Momma thinks I am too territorial to have a kitty-pal that lives with me and she said that it'd be better to have a kitty-pal that doesn't live with me.

Question #8) Please give us the five words that best describe you.
~ Curious ~ Playful, ~ Adorable, ~ Vocal ~ Happy

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hi therez!

Mau, Meow.. Hello, My name is Sonny, I am a grey & white Domestic Longhair/Norwegian Forest Cat. I weigh 13lbs, but it's not's fluffy fur! :)

I am 4 years old, and I live with my mom, and my furr-mom's mom I was adopted on July, 3, 2007 I was soo happy that day. Momma, her mom and I moved to this place called Oak's Creek, Wisconsin. It's very countrylike here. Momma sayz we living in a apartment complex, called Lake Forest Apartments. I really likez it here, and I'm starting to really settle in and get comfortable living here. Momma's even allowed to take me for walks inside the building to explore as long as he has a harness and leash on.

All this past week I'z been taken out for a stroll, I really lovez it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

There's always hope...

Hi meowryone,                                                                  (Sonny's thoughts before we moved 6/27/10  )
Grammie found an apartment that's kitty-friendly and avaliable. We'll be able to move in by July 1st or maybe before.

Grammie and Momma meet with the apartment director next Thursday. Momma thinks the apartment is really nice, Me can't wait to see it myself.
Momma even found out that kitty are allowed in the common room if they have a leash on them. Which I has a harness and leash.
Wish Momma and Grammie luck, and keep sending prayers this way.

Sending luv,
Samantha and Sonny

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back home again. Thank goodness!

When I was really starting to get used to my mom's Aunt Karen house. My furr-ever mom and grandma started packing.

Ginger was really intimidating, she would get up-in-my-face and I would arch my back and hiss to look bigger.
Two of the kittys I liked Libby and Mr. Grey are my friends, Mr. Grey helped even calm down a bit. Me thinks that LIbby has a kitty-crush on me. Mau, Mau.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Soo stressed..

Hey Kitty friendz
Last night momma, grammy and Me just took off in the car. Mom and Grandma packed up the car with some stuff. Inculding litter, a litter box, kitty toys, and cat food.

We just started driving..when it got to be really late we stayed at a motel, that was "pet friendly". They didnt go to sleep until 1:45am.
At 3:23am I kept on meowing and yowling, Momma and Grandmie were so anoyed that I was yowling..
We went back on the road again, and me back in my carrier and now we are staying at my adoptive-mom's aunt's house. Altho, they're 6 cats (Tobey, Pumpkin, Mr. Grey, Libby, and black & white kitty that I can't remember it's name.) and 1 dog named Ginger.