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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Soo stressed..

Hey Kitty friendz
Last night momma, grammy and Me just took off in the car. Mom and Grandma packed up the car with some stuff. Inculding litter, a litter box, kitty toys, and cat food.

We just started driving..when it got to be really late we stayed at a motel, that was "pet friendly". They didnt go to sleep until 1:45am.
At 3:23am I kept on meowing and yowling, Momma and Grandmie were so anoyed that I was yowling..
We went back on the road again, and me back in my carrier and now we are staying at my adoptive-mom's aunt's house. Altho, they're 6 cats (Tobey, Pumpkin, Mr. Grey, Libby, and black & white kitty that I can't remember it's name.) and 1 dog named Ginger.

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