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Saturday, July 31, 2010

My "Cat of the Week" Interview

Hello kitty-friends on the week of May 3, 2010 - May 10, 2010 I was Cat of the Week on Here's my interview;

Question #1) Congratulations, Sonny, on becoming Cat of the Week! What would you like to say to all your UnitedCats buddies?

Thank you everyone for support, love and votes. It's such an honor and a privilage to be COTW. My mom was so happy and proud when she heard the news.

Question #2) Congratulations also for making it to the finals of a Cat of the Month contest! Do you know the results of that contest?
Thank you again. Yes I know the results of the contest. Sadly, I didnt make the Top 7 of the Cat of the Month Contest.

Question #3) You were a stray who was adopted from a Humane Society shelter by your Mom. How old were you then and what was your condition when you arrived at the shelter?

I was 11 months old and Mom doesnt know what condition I was in when I came to the Wisconsin Humane Society.

Question #4) It's wonderful that your Mom volunteers socializing shelter cats before they're adopted. Do you mind when she comes home and you can smell many different cats on her?

No I don't mind all if she plays with other kittys, because I know deep inside that she's helping kittys like me find their furr-ever homes. Yes I can smell all the kitty she played with. I like smelling all the kittys on her pants

Question #5) Just a short time ago you went out on a leash. Were you co-operative walking with your Mom and what did you enjoy about your trip to the great outdoors?

Yes I was very cooperative. I love's every part of my adventure especially saying hello to "Walter" our next door neighbor's dog. I love walking in the walking in the grass and sniffing everything!

Question #6) There was a strange "evil" black cat coming into your yard. Does he still come (and are you worried that he could be Basement Cat visiting from Lolcats)?

No, I haven't seen the "evil" black cat in long while. Which is too bad I like showing I'm a tough guy! Don't worry though I wouldnt hurt a ant, maybe a spider but not an ant.

Question #7) In your profile and blogs you've mentioned "friend". Would you like to have another cat join the family or would you prefer just to have a playmate who doesn't live with you?

It would be nice to find to kitty friend. But Momma thinks I am too territorial to have a kitty-pal that lives with me and she said that it'd be better to have a kitty-pal that doesn't live with me.

Question #8) Please give us the five words that best describe you.
~ Curious ~ Playful, ~ Adorable, ~ Vocal ~ Happy

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  1. awww Sonny you are just adorable! I am so glad that you have a wonderful family and people who love you unconditionally. My kitties: Jackie, Shadow, Flip and Lucy are sending purrs and head bumps!