Sitting by my window.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mez all settled

Momma, and I are all settled and I'm so happy too. I'm even getting acquainted with all our neighbors here.
In fact something really interesting happened the night before last. I saw a stray cat, she was a beautiful tortoiseshell!
I was so happy to see a stray kitty, I haven't seen one in quite a while. I spent the longest time just talking to the tortie. Momma was watching me talk to the tortie, so could tell I was happy.

Every night Momma takes me for walks in the hallways, I love taking walks, I even where we're going to go! We go to this giant room with lots of big windows that reach up to the sky!! I love scooting across the carpeting like I'm scratching my back. The good thing is if I hear something that spooks me, like a voice I don't know yet. I can run back to the apartment, I know my way back! Momma thinks I'm soo smart, and I guess I am!

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