Sitting by my window.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I saw a kitty!

Hi Kitty pals,
I saw a kitty last night on a leash, being taken for a walk last night. Just like momma put my harness and leash on and takes me out for walks, she only does that when I go for a walk outside.
I heard Momma call her name a few times, she said her name is Satsha. Momma also told me that Satsha and Satsha's owner lives downstairs right below where we live! Momma even said that I could meet her sometime soon!

Then, a few hours later, I saw that tortieshell kitty that I saw the other night! This time she saw me and stopped dead in her tracks! I was meowing at her but I dont know if she was meowing back.

Today momma clipped my nails, good thing too I was in desperate need of nail-clipping. My back nails were real I feel much better!

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