Sitting by my window.

Friday, October 15, 2010 my middle name.

Hey cat-friends,

Sometimes I want to cauze some mischief..but I am not naughty all the time, only on occasionz.
I like to pull all of mommy´s socks out of her sock drawer, or pull all her pjs out pj-drawer...sometimes i evenz pull all her undies out of her undie-drawer. I also like to dig in the landry basket when it's full with clothez.
Mommy getz upset tho, when I iz bad. then I feelz bad.

Last year at Christmaz, whilez grandma and mommy were sleeping I was playing wiz an ordament on mommyz tree, then it fell. Boy, did I get a scolding, fromz grandma and mommy!

... I felt so bad..

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